Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dulcet ft. Kenshu - Hip Hop x Classic

Dulcet collaborating with artists such as
Kenshu, Tsunenori, DJ Okawari, VEE
and rap crew Natural Habitz
brings you some familiar melodies with a hip hop twist

Dulcet ft. Kenshu - Hip Hop x Classic (2008)

Track Listing:

1. Forest Of Piano
2. Eyes On The Prize feat. Natural Habitz
3. Light To you
4. Expansion feat. Natural Habitz
5. Chillin’ everyday
6. meiso
7. Graduation feat. Natural Habitz
8. Under Sun
9. hugtime
10. Never gonna stop feat. Meda of Natural Habitz
11. Got is mine
12. Espresso

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