Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nujabes - Metaphorical Music

Here's the follow up to yesterday's post on Nujabes

Metaphorical Music

Track Listing:

01. Blessing It-remix(featuring Substantial&Pase Rock from Five Deez)
02. Horn In The Middle
03. Lady Brown(featuring Cise Starr from CYNE)
04. Kumomi
05. Highs 2 Lows(featuring Cise Starr from CYNE)
06. Beat Laments The World

07. Letter From Yokosuka
08. Think Different(featuring Substantial)
09. A Day by Atmosphere Supreme
10. Next View(feat.Uyama Hiroto)
11. Lattitude-remix(featuring Five Deez)
12. F.I.L.O.(featuring Shing02)
13. Summer Gypsy
14. The Final View
15. Peaceland

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Well, Since we're on Nujabes, let me introduce to you an awesome anime:

Samurai Champloo

What's special about this anime is that it
abandons the traditional pop tracks
and have people like Nujabes create its soundtracks
which for me, totally creates the mood for the anime.
You really can relate to the scene through the music,
making this anime

Personally, every Nujabes' music paints a picture for me.
There is always the right track for the right mood,
be it on a long bus journey home, or just looking at the stars.
So I really hope you would find your place in Nujabes' world ;)
(I am so darn corny)

Before I digress further here's my favorite from Samurai Champloo's Soundtrack

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  1. thank you for sharing! much appreciated!!

  2. thank you very much for sharing!
    greetings from MONGOLIA!

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