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Nujabes - Hydeout Productions

Jun Seba (せば じゅん ,Seba Jun) is a Japanese hip-hop producer and DJ

who records under the name Nujabes.

The alias is an anagram of his first and last name spelled backwards and combined.

Alongside making music, Nujabes is also owner of the Shibuya record stores, T Records and Guinness Records and founder of the independent label Hyde-Out Productions.

Nujabes's genre-blending music style is known for a distinct cool jazz and soul influence.

He most typically uses samples from artists such as Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, and Yusef Lateef and adds live instrumentation, such as flutes, acoustic guitar, piano, and saxophone to create warm, mellow tracks.

Despite his role as DJ, Nujabes rarely plays live and does not make many media appearances, which adds to his enigmatic charisma. This trait extends into his album covers, all of which express a particular distinct, abstract imagery.

Nujabes has released two albums in Japan,

Metaphorical Music in 2003 and Modal Soul in 2005.

Specifically, Metaphorical Music sold over 20,000 copies by 2004, an unheard-of amount for an independent release.

Seba Jun's music is the inspiration for many upcoming artistes of a similar genre.

Having an excellent ear for music, Seba Jun has also featured many talents in his records

including the likes of Emancipator.

Hydeout Productions 1st Collection - Nujabes

Track Listing:

1. "Moon Strut"
2. "Don't Even Try It" (featuring Funky DL)
3. "Strive" (featuring Apani B)
4. "Home Sweet Home" (featuring Substantial)
5. "Still Talking To You"
6. "Luv (Sic)" (featuring Shing02)
7. "Steadfast"
8. "Lyrical Terrorists" (featuring Substantial & L-Universe)
9. "Lose My Religion" (Remix) (featuring L-Universe)
10. "It's About Time (Fat Jon Remix)" (featuring Pase Rock)
11. "Plazma Avenue" (featuring Five Deez)
12. "D.T.F.N." (featuring Cise Starr)
13. "People's Don't Stray" (featuring Funky DL)
14. "Luv (Sic) Part 2" (featuring Shing02)

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Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection - Nujabes

Track Listing:

1. "Voice of Autumn"
2. "Sky Is Falling" (featuring CL Smooth)
3. "Waltz for Life Will Born" (featuring Uyama Hiroto)
4. "Imaginary Folklore" (featuring Clammbon)
5. "Hikari" (featuring Substantial)
6. "Counting Stars"
7. "Another Reflection"
8. "Fly By Night" (featuring Five Deez)
9. "Old Light (Voices from 93 Million Miles Away Remix)" (featuring Pase Rock)
10. "With Rainy Eyes" (featuring Emancipator)
11. "Luv (Sic)(Modal Soul Remix)" (featuring Shing02)
12. "Windspeaks" (featuring Uyama Hiroto)
13. "Winter Lane (Nujabes Remix)" (featuring DSK)
14. "After Hanabi (Listen To My Beats)"

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