Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tsunenori - Landscape

Genre: Hip Hop / Japanese Classic Music / Other


About Tsunenori:
Born in 1983, Fukuoka prefecture, Kitakyushu residence.
Started playing the piano at a tender age, subsequently, joined a band for 10 years, taking the role of a guitarist and vocals. After working as a backup player for several hundred tours, his work as an composer/artist finally materialized. In 2008, Libyus Music signed him and released his debut album titled 'Landscape'.
This was followed by an album released this year titled
Promising' (which will be shared in the future) :D

Personally, I find Tsunenori's music heart-warming. Just close your eyes when listening. Think beats combined with melodies and sexy ambient. With a light wind from Japan :)
So I hope you will enjoy Tsunenori!

Tsunenori - Landscape

Track Listing:

1.Backlight           7.Crossroad
2.Forest Bathing        8.Snokeling
   3.Pastness            9.Continue the voyage
4.2003              10.An avenue
5.Gradation of the blue    11.Earth scale
   6.Infancy            12.Brand new surf

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